Monday Ramble #33 Wake Up And Go [Video]

Monday Ramble #33 Wake Up And Go [Video]



5 Comments on “Monday Ramble #33 Wake Up And Go [Video]”

  1. Great ramble! Let the movement begin! Maybe people will listen this time since it’s coming from a man…there’s hope.

  2. Patrick says:

    I like what this guy is saying but u can tell he’s playing both sides of the fence. Dont say “I dont have a problem with weaves, wigs” after you made a song addressing it! and obviously he DOES care if he’s making a followup why cant rappers just speak their mind these days?

  3. Gabrielle says:

    AND This is why IHEARTSHA-STIMULI… You are the best!! Love the ramble…

  4. Louvely says:

    Excellent!!!! I think this Ramble should be play across all the Homerooms of America and around the world!!!!!!

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