About MondayRamble.com


My name is Sherod Khaalis; some of you may know me as hip-hop artist, Sha Stimuli. If not check out shastimuli.com and go to free music and visuals and that should get you caught up.

Enough about me though…ok wait there’s more…I started writing my thoughts on Facebook and hiphopgame.com for my friends and strangers that needed a few minutes of distraction in their day. You’re asking yourself if I’m a rapper, why am I writing…I write too, for magazines, websites, I went to college, it’s ok…just keep reading.

I decided to post the writings on Mondays because I feel like when you’re at work and the weekend is over, you need something to look forward to or at least chuckle a little.

So here is a site dedicated to my “almost funny,” sometimes enlightening and if nothing else, thought provoking “Monday rambles”

Enjoy, tell a friend, leave a comment…I love you.

2 Comments on “About MondayRamble.com”

  1. Navid says:

    Hey Sha! I’ve just gotten into your mixtapes and you have a grasp of lyricism that few others even come close to having. Just curious though – my coworker let me borrow two of your CDs (Hotter than July and March on Washington) and a few days later, my car got broken into and those CDs were stolen. I’ve been trying to find the easiest way to buy both of those so I can replace them but your Myspace is kinda glitchy and hard to use. Is there any way I can buy them directly from you? Hit me back : Navid.azeez@gmail.com


  2. Mary says:

    Thank you for bringing back true NY hip-hop! Biggie would be proud!

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