Praying For Aliens…Again

I write raps, prose, and poetic pieces at times that reflect my thoughts at the moment. Most of the time when I share my views with the world I hope to provoke thought and possibly spark some kind of emotion. When I look back at the words I composed, it’s interesting to think about where my mind was. I hate getting emotionally attached to my own songs. It’s almost scary when I actually like something I’ve done, or I think to myself that people need to hear the joint.

The fear comes from the fact that the work will not be well-received. And in my line of work, well-received is inaccurately defined by visibility. So if I am excited about a video, and the views and/or likes are lower than another song that I think is not my best effort…I get confused. This particular piece, entitled “Praying For Aliens,” seemed like a wonderful idea at the time. I initially wrote and recorded it in 2012 when I was putting out monthly EPs. This was a part of The March. The songs on that EP were influenced by the Trayvon Martin case, Obama’s possible re-election and the ongoing police brutality issue that continues to plague us all.

There are points in time where I feel like doing music that is all about heritage and pride. But when I did this song, I was thinking globally. I was sitting and contemplating about the fact that in a few scores, race and ethnicity may not be defined too easily. Today, as we all cling to our labels, and racism is breaking out of hiding more and more…I wondered if I still felt the same way I did when I penned this composition. Yes I still imagine how we as humans would handle a threat that had to combine us all, but I have to admit that with every burned church, each filmed proof of Black hatred, and all the media distractions meant to keep us talking about coonery, I am not always feeling like the most congenial earthling. Nowadays I write with a bit more pain, I feel affected by disturbing headlines, and I want to do more than provoke thought…I want to spark action. Allow me to reflect on these words that still resonate and if you have time, join me and check out the visual I made as well.

pray aliens

Tupac said this is a white man’s world,
I don’t necessarily agree, I do think people look at color and we judge one another,

But the most important one is probably green,
Slavery was less about racism, more about paper,
Negro workers giving up free labor,
Similar scenario happened with all the Natives,
When Americans took over their land, and they got raided,
Hitler killed millions, based off of pure hatred,
And white folks comedy was wearing black faces,
Nowadays we mesh cultures, we’re integrating,
And the color lines are destined for fading, but not today,
‘Cause even if we had Stevie’s eyes
We would still find a way to have our peeps divide,
And if we all looked the same, you would be surprised,
There’d be crews wearing colors to keep beef alive,
We’re all human, but if humans had to fight a losing battle with another race,
Like joining the military but up the stakes,
All countries and nations no matter what the case,
Would have to pull out their weapons to keep each other safe,
Damu that was guarding his block, claiming his set,
Has to build with killer Eses from Watts, avoiding death,
Palestinians that love throwing rocks, instead of lead,
Would have to team with the forces that bust shots in your head,
I don’t think you understand, a whole lot of misery,
is based off what’s your nationality, ethnicity,
Right now I’m worried about a Black man killing me,
And that thought is literally killing me,
There should be Martians, maybe Plutonians,
Come in a spaceship, bringing their soldiers in,
Tell me the game plan,
What would it take to put the Ku Klux and Wu-Tang in the same clan?

I’m praying for aliens
So Muslim Israelians
And Jews and Christians can come together and aim to win,
And Blacks and negroes would have to all be the same again,
And race would just disappear, the colors would fade and then
I’m praying for aliens,
Sort of like Avatar, someone attack us so any human that has a heart,
Fights for all mankind, then we’ll see battle scars, no more discrimination,

We all would have it hard, I’m praying for aliens

Like Independence Day, or like that movie Signs,
We would have less to say
Everyone would combine,
Aliens wouldn’t care, nature is not designed,

To pick and choose which skin pigment has to die,
Whenever there’s earthquakes, Tsunamis or hurricanes,
Bodies get found dead, faces and different names,
Families come to claim, no it is not a game,
Imagine the world ending, money, success and fame,
Become irrelevant, wonder who’s Heaven-sent,

Pray you’re not Hell-bound,
God says just repent,
Then you’ll be churching it, what if some mutant kind
Came in attack mode, sent to delete the shine?

just like Venetian blinds,
Picture Venetians flying or maybe creatures coming in from Jupiter, rugers firing,
Then we would all be strapped, having each other’s backs,
Fear of the Black man, replaced by Men in Black,
Man I’m just spilling facts,
If we were bitten by zombies,
or there were vampires starting an army,
We would stick together,
If Dr. Evil had a mission to bomb us,
Or there were agents from The Matrix
Upon us, we would grip our weapons,..

Like The Planet of the Apes,
Hope you understand and can relate,
Can you fathom what it takes for a racist that’s been battling with hate, put a challenge to his faith before his ass disintegrates.

Check out the video here

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