I just realized that if every one of my Facebook friends bought my album, my life would change overnight. On the contrary, if every one of my real life friends bought my album, well let’s just say I’d wake up in the same tax bracket as the night before.

I remember when I had a bunch of friends, people I played ball with, talked to on the phone, shared kooky handshakes with, and so on and so forth. I had a whole crew of homies that were on a yellow brick road to help me get a record deal, then I got it and it was like we met the Wizard of Oz and discovered he was a fraud. And I’m still in Oz…contemplating heel-clicking…my point is nowadays I can’t even answer the phone or call someone without a purpose.

Gone are the days of speaking on the jack just to “shoot the shit.” Did email do this? Was it the music business that scorned me from having minor, meaningless convos with people? Is it my low tolerance for relationships with no purpose? Who knows?

I speak to people on Facebook and I can flip through some photos, read a status or 2 and feel like we just caught up and small talked.

I’m using twitter more and more…and every time I do, I want to stab myself in the neck because the next site to takeover the world is right there waiting to be created and I’m here giving this Twitter inventor man more money. I couldn’t even come up with übertwitter or tweetdeck? Nope, but here I am thinking that I’m benefiting of off this invention.

I swear I’m getting the word out to all 12 of my followers, yup, promoting my little heart out. “Look at me, I’m in the bathroom…now I’m wiping…now I’m flushing…oh yea buy my CD.

Why am I so cynical near Christmas? No I’m not complaining about insincere mass “Happy holiday” text msgs this year, or the “Happy new years” with the ‘S’ greetings that will go on past King day. I am a lil pissed that I won’t be opening GI Joes, Transformers or video games on xmas morning; I’m slightly irked that I just finished a 650 pg Harry Potter book in 2 days and it was waaay better than the movie; and most of all, every time I have a show, no matter how well I plan on performing, someone will be in that crowd thinking ‘who the hell is this guy?’
Ok maybe I’m not that bothered by these things but I do sit back and analyze how the holidays throughout the year dictate our spending habits, how we keep Hallmark in business and the malls are flooded and even though I feel like I shouldn’t have to wait for some calendar to tell me when to give a gift or celebrate love or appreciate what I have…I do it. Maybe because it’s nostalgic, maybe I need those “holidays” to remind me or maybe tradition, becomes just that, and it’s nice to see families and what’s left of my friends. I know you can’t spell families without lies (thanks Vince Vaughn) but I can’t spell anyway. I lost my father 6 years ago around this time…hold on to your loved ones, reach out, let your friends know when they mean something to you, even if you don’t call ‘em to say absolutely nothing any more, you’d be surprised how far words can go.

You made it this far, might as well leave a comment, it makes a difference…


  1. DaniTheBook says:

    I think as we get older, Christmas takes on new meaning, we no longer see it as the toys and clothes and food and grown folks being loud, kisses on the cheeks and hugs and shit. Now the holidays are a time that I get to see my long-distance family, its love and peace and memories.
    I’m sorry about your dad, I’m not one for condolences and what not, I just wanted to let you know I hear you.

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