11 Comments on “MONDAY RAMBLE 24 LONG STORY, SHORT [Video]”

  1. Yonnie says:

    LMAO @ “they took all the answers.” You can’t choose your family but… yeah – not a good move. Where were you going with that? Aye – which Best Buy do you work at, lol? You are hilarious.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    ROFLMAO!! Im crying………. really I am..
    Ahhaaaaaa! I wish I saw a recording of your face when your aunt said that everyone had to say what they were thankful for… LMAO!! Did you look for cameras.?? Still laughing, I can’t breathe… Visualizing people getting trampled in Best Buy on Black Friday…

  3. HHLO Jen says:

    Yo for real, what’s the deal with the Best Buy shirt?

    Call of Duty for the mommy homie!

  4. HHLO Jen says:

    Let me see…hmmm.

  5. Kendu Since says:

    Real Talk… you are hilarious!

  6. Heaven says:

    haha! is it sad that I got the Family Feud jokes?

    hey… its a fun game….

  7. Ronetta says:

    Hilarious! So they took all the good ‘ish 2 be thankful for!?!?…2 funny!!!

  8. weatherman20 says:

    “never let ya kids know your broke”. lol agreed!

  9. ADG says:

    …Dont forget registering for the free bag of groceries in location A then going to location B to return them for $, or buying a new (working) VCR/Walkman then returning the old (non-working) one so u can listen/watch a tape…

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