Monday Ramble 27 Manline [Video]

12 Comments on “Monday Ramble 27 Manline [Video]”

  1. MATTIK says:

    hahaha! he lol’d you after you called him out on the gay pic? that’s wild homo. i’ma never lol another man, or send a man emoticons.. with a chick, yea cool. but i’m not tryna be cute with another man on bbm. nah. that’s gay.

    when is unsung comin out?

  2. MrMayface says:

    I had no idea you had been doing these. Just so happen I went to hiphopsite and saw this posted. Glad I saw it because I also did’nt know you had a album. Just went on Itunes and downloaded it. Now all I need from you is a trip to Houston! Make it happen please!


  3. MidgetyFidgety says:

    LOL.. Don’t you ever, Eva Eva Eva Eva Eva Eva do that picture pose again… Haha.. Thanks for breaking down the title to the album..
    “recognize the garden in front of you”.. Im feelin that.
    Good luck on your listening party tonight.. Wish I could be in NYC for it.. Best of luck to you in the New Year Sha…… *UNSUNG*

    • shastimuli25 says:

      Thank u! and tht pose was sposed to look like that. U know u seen dudes do that in front of the mirror

  4. Yonnie says:

    I completely identify with “recognize the garden in front of you.” That’s something I’m focusing on doing more and more in my life. To put it another way, “The grass is always greener on the other side, but that’s b/c other people’s lawns are full of shit.” Appreciate what you have today.

    Your facial expressions be killing me.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    LMAO!!! Dudes wonder why I dont accept them as a friend on any site when their default pic is half naked, posing with the head tilted, or self taken pics n shit…. “I can give two phucks bout how your body looks sun” but the funny thing is that they do it cuz there are allot of women that show appreciation and love to em.. thats why they do it.. IHEARTSHASTIMULI forever without the bukked nakkid pics.. LMAO!! I dont need to tell you that I wish the best for you, I alwayz do all day err day… MuchLove…

  6. MATTIK says:

    is unsung download only or will there be a cd release? i want a physical copy but amazon and sandboxautomatic aint havin it.

  7. MATTIK says:

    thanks for the link. i just placed my order for unsung, and grabbed a copy of overtime while i was at it. i’ve been listening to the album constantly for the last few days. keep up the excellent work, sha. it’s appreciated.

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