Sha Stimuli Is Mad At The Truman Show (TrueMan Show)

Sha Stimuli Is Mad At The Truman Show

2 Comments on “Sha Stimuli Is Mad At The Truman Show (TrueMan Show)”

  1. somedude says:

    i’ve bought and listened to them all! it’s almost june and i thought the motivation would be out by now….your work ethic is great man, keep it up

  2. Lexgluger says:

    I’m on my soap box for a minute – hear me out.
    I think the change your trying to inspire takes time and your movement right now (Rent Tape series) hopefully inspires that artist (who the game can’t quite place in a lane) to expand their vision of themselves and create a platform to be heard..b/c that forces the game to develop. I’ve felt your music and understood your persona for a long while and as a fan I’m damn proud of you for not allowing the game (present fads, business, money, corporate etc..) to dictate how your talent should come across to the world. I’m not saying be rebellious just to be a rebel, I’m saying as an artist I’ve seen your maturity and I respect your decisions thus far – just cont. to be mindful of your fans wants’ as well. I know you overstand what the people need but also take account of our requests as well. I think that’s why NaS lost some of his following – but he’s at a good place now and back to doing what he does best.
    I dug the concept of the TrueMan Show and you ALWAYS make good music but I agree with you that the concept wasn’t fully invested in this LP.
    Keep finding away to be positive, keep growing, keep honest, keep on your journey and never stop killing them…

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