Back At It (Unfinished Rambles on the way)

I have five unfinished Rambles that never made it off the cutting floor over the past few years. Why didn’t they make it?  Eh, there’s a myriad of reasons. My ego is probably the real answer. Stats and views and analytics are cruel. So when you think you’re putting out some stellar artistry and you see that a certain amount of people viewed it, and then you look over at something that seems crappy yet it has astronomical numbers…it weighs on you. So you start writing words for your own personal growth but you say things to yourself like, “No one reads these anyway.”

But then there’s always someone that comes up to me and asks what happened to the Rambles or they say they liked my stupid book… toilette papers or they let me know that something I’ve put out has affected them positively at some point in their lives and it reminds me to not get so caught up in numbers. The other lesson I get from them is that I need to stop looking at what other people are doing. So…I said all of that to say, I would write these Rambles and then second guess how clever, insightful, or entertaining they were and then I would stop.

Even though I told myself that I was working on an album, a script, another book, a job, all while being a husband and dad, so I had to sacrifice something, that wasn’t the entire truth. Why not let the Rambles be the lamb to get slaughtered while I create magic in other areas? Even though I released what some are calling the album of the year, I have more to say. So the next five Mondays, I will release these pieces that I almost completed, and I believe I added some annotations at the end to explain where I left off and why. Thank you for reading and sharing these moments. If you haven’t heard the album click here —->Lazarus

I promise you won’t be disappointed. I have a rhyme and reason Ramble on the way as well for those that care about the inception of some of this material.back artwork lazarus

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