Monday Ramble #55 “How Boomerang Changed My Life”

Monday Ramble #55 “How Boomerang Changed My Life”

In 1992 my social life changed in a way that I couldn’t foresee before stepping into a movie theater to watch what I thought would be a simple comedy starring Edward Murphy.

I didn’t know much about dating or sex back then. I still don’t today.
But here I am almost 20 years later, and I’m now realizing how much of an effect the movie Boomerang had on my way of thinking.

Yea we still say lines from Coming to America and Raw, but Boomerang shaped my ideas about relationships between men and women, friends, and even co-workers.

We all know the lines that still resonate today with movie heads that like to repeat classic phrases from scripts. “Strangé,” “coordinate,” “what time does the show start?” “That’s a nipple ‘cuz I’m drooling,” “Mack daddy vibe.”
Those are going to stay with people like me.
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