Have you ever just wanted to shoot someone? Not to kill them but just…never mind that but I just realized the difference between having fights in elementary school where the worst possible outcomes were losing and getting in trouble compared to being an adult where hitting someone can result in jail or death. Consequences suck. Sometimes you feel like really just poppin’ a cap in people. Whether it’s a bouncer at the club or an industry person that thinks they know it all. I’m sure you feel that way about a supervisor or co-worker, manager or A&R, you may even feel like hating on some undeserving rapper but shooting him may just boost his career.


I have to see Notorious by the way. I went to the premiere in Atlanta but I left before the whole drama (no pun intended) went down. Speaking of drama I spoke to DJ Drama before all that crap happened and as I glanced at his big pendant I started thinking about adding that to the list of stuff that needs to halt, pause or maybe take a rest in this entry. I was going to do a top ten but now I’m thinking these are things that people SHOULD keep doing to help me stand out in the world.


-The big pieces on chains that are worth less than they look are wonderful for our people and great for hip-hop. Look at the trends Yung Berg has started and all the joy he’s brought the youth that passed around his transformer pendant.


-Also on my list was the word “swagger” that has been gradually becoming more and more frequent in today’s world. We all used it to describe someone’s amount of cool juice in the past. Then in hip-hop it became the word to denote the thing about an artist that had nothing to do with their songs, rhyming ability or status. It was simply said, “Rapper can’t really rhyme but he has a crazy swagger.” Which meant that he walked confidently, dressed trendy or had a Fonzerelli thing going on that would be tough to put in to words and still sound hetero. So “swagger” just kept growing to reach interviews, songs and Sportscenter. “Swagger like us” was almost the last straw until Old Spice’s “Swagger” line of body spray topped that. Sometimes we push words to their limit and the poor word was never meant to hurt anyone. Keep it going guys.


-And while you’re at it continue to rock Mohawks. If you recently decided to cut your hair into a Mohawk style and by recent I mean within the last 2 years you would be at the tail end of a strange trend that has become infectious. I mean it came back in a while ago and when Diddy rocked it for the marathon it was on its way out then. So we may see the kids rocking the hawk and think it’s cute and teenagers looking cool but if you’re an adult trying to standout then the word “trying” is what you should cut on one of the bald sides of your head. But my message to you is, keep it! Thank you for helping me.


-If you’re a grown person with a T-mobile Sidekick and you like your inbox having a limit just so you can flip your screen around and be on AIM all day then screw what everyone says about you. Sidekicks rule!


-Oh I have to give a big shout out to all those dudes using the Internet as the forum for beefing with other rappers. Video blogs, interviews, threats on camera even showing weapons is the smartest and best marketing tool ever. I mean it’s so much larger than the DVD era. Someone can just type in your name and see you saying the most gangsta things and when they actually see your face they believe it, I know I believe it. Cyber beef is the bestest. If I don’t get me some this year I’m finished.



-Lastly, to all the police that are still beating people up because they’re a little darker than you and they seem more dangerous than the average citizen well if you don’t mind riots here and there then keep it up. It’s not like you’re going to go to jail or get in trouble for it and if you’re worried about those brown folks coming together and making a change don’t stress it. That badge is all you need. We know the police are here to serve and protect but sometimes we get out of line and talk back and we forget that maybe you weren’t cool in high school or you can’t please your girl so you need to let out that anger. I apologize for all Black males Mr. Policeman, but be careful because the riots in Cali could catch on and this new president dude seems to be making an impact.


Seriously though, I’m all excited about Obamamania but I was really afraid the Inauguration turn into the inniggeration. I’m glad it didn’t and I know there are some humans that wanted to experience something unprecedented live and be a part of history but unfortunately there are some that use things like that as an excuse to get into some idioticy. All in all it was a great day that I will elaborate on some more…


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