In my last entry I referred to the Inauguration as the “Inniggeration” in jest and some would even say in poor taste even though I meant no harm by it. I know that the partygoers eager to make connections, meet people and see “stars” represented only a handful of those at the actual event.


After seeing the masses come out to support Barack’s entrance into the White House from rappers, actors, athletes and everyday people of all nationalities it truthfully warmed my heart. It made me think that the dream Martin Luther King envisioned was something from the distant or maybe even near future and not something existing in a lifetime from the past. When Dr. King spoke of his dream it seemed like something so foreign and inconceivable at the time but now we’re scratching our heads and wondering if The Secret really works.


Someone asked me how I felt about the Inauguration’s events and I admitted to having mixed feelings. On one hand I thought 150 million dollars for a country in debt just to celebrate the President getting sworn in. Is this what comedians joked about for years if a Black man was to make it in the White House?  Fried chicken on the menu, homeboys in the Cabinet, a Summer Jam appearance in the future, I swear this dude checks his own Facebook page but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway we were partying hard for a weekend that symbolized overcoming centuries of obstacles with many more to go and all I could think about was how bad Bill Clinton must feel for not getting any of this. Well not really but it crossed my mind for 2 seconds.


My cynical view is overshadowed when you think of how important this is for each child that will work harder to become what he or she wants or every person over 50 that went through blatant discrimination and actual Constitution changes that affected their freedom. Hell yeah it’s time to party! All races and creeds should be throwing their hands in the air as we approach a higher level of consciousness.


But there are some totally on the other side that don’t care at all about being happy for Obama’s election, they are more focused on what his election will do for our country. They are the people that want to see what he will do before we jump and down. Some are racists, some are Republicans, some are simply pessimists that don’t care to be a part of history but just want a better life and they look to America’s leader to make that road a little easier.


I however, am somewhere in the middle. I watched the screen as millions gathered, networks broadcasted, tears flooded eyes and bodies shivered to support a new day for the United States. I saw footage of performances, I watched television specials interviewing athletes and entertainers and I myself witnessed an overall attitude change in those around me and it truly is beautiful.


As I joked with one of my boys about the celebration resembling the movie The Wiz’s “Brand New Day” performance when the wicked witch passed away, I thought deeply about that comparison and likened our nation to that trip to Oz. What I mean is that while we complain about education in schools, or about the kids simply not learning or what they have access to on the net and on TV; the truth is we’re really similar to that Scarecrow that had brains all along. And if we can travel to DC just because we want to can’t we get up and just go help in any part of the country we want to? Couldn’t we have gone to New Orleans the same way? Wasn’t it possible to march for every brutal police incident or standup for every social injustice? See the Tinman didn’t really need anyone to tell him he had a heart in his chest. You get where I’m going with this…America, sort of like Dorothy is waiting for something. We scream “yes we can,” we wait for “change” to come but the reality is we are the changers, we have the intelligence, compassion and courage and all we have to do is click our heels and do shit. As I’m writing this now I’m moved to do more. I’m not sure what more is which is probably why Obama is our Wizard in real life.


Or maybe I should just shut up and join the party. Maybe I should just look at the face of the Black grandmothers and great-grandfathers that lived through the Civil rights era and realize that we’ve come so far as a people that we should just sit back and breathe and enjoy it for a second before we get all analytical and go striving to move the whole earth. Maybe 150 million is somewhere within 40 acres and it’s ok to enjoy a victory. Or maybe the next time you think of Barack and what he’ll do for the nation you’ll think of what you’re going to do for the nation too. Or maybe that’s just me.

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