Monday Ramble #28 Martin Luther the King of Randumbness

Every time MLK day rolls around I start getting all deep and introspective and comparing my life’s accomplishments to that of the great Civil Rights leaders and other people that made dents in our current society. Not today. Today I’m sitting here wondering why in the last 2 days I’ve seen commercials with jingles, slogans, mascots, spokespersons, actors and cartoon characters for companies such as (sing along when you see the name) Nationwide, Geico, Statefarm, Safeauto, Progressive, AllState, The General, Farmers, Esurance, and 21st century.

Why are insurance companies dominating the advertising world and why aren’t they canceling each other out? Is insurance that big? What am I missing? Why are these songs creeping in my head? Nationwide is most likely not on my side. Statefarm is like a good neighbor but how many of us have had a good neighbor that’s always there? I don’t even know my neighbors. I love Flo the Progressive lady and the real 1st Black president, David Palmer telling me about AllState is pretty convincing but I doubt I will factor in these pitches in my decision about which insurance company I go with.

I am totally without focus today so allow me to run down more “randumb” observations and feel free to join me or comment on something that you find oddly interesting.

-BBM (Blackberry messenger) broadcast messages suck. I don’t care if it’s about a lost cat or your party that you’re throwing to help the homeless, or a blood drive for the Crips. I see lavender writing…I’m upset. I’m sorry.

-How come there are no midget mannequins?

-Faking your death on Facebook isn’t cool this year.

-I was having a conversation about nothing and I told someone that I was a stubborn individual…then they asked me if I was a tourist. I was thinking ‘nah I live here, but what does me being in a new place sightseeing have to do with my obstinacy…Oh a Taurus? Well that was embarrassing.

-One of my greatest pleasures in life is eating. Even better than eating is eating alone. Not because I like being by myself…but because I hate putting my knife in my right hand to cut my food. Then I have to pick up my pancakes or my steak, or whatever I’m eating with my left hand all properly just because someone’s looking and it’s proper etiquette. I say screw etiquette. Etiquette isn’t a bad stripper name btw. But yeah back to my original point, I don’t follow eating rules. I don’t know which fork is the salad fork…no; don’t tell me, I got it. I might even put my napkin in my shirt like a bib instead of on my lap. Ok no I won’t but I will eat alone and my knife will be in my left hand all day with no one to scrutinize or correct me. Yes. I am a rebel.

-What happened to Calvin from 227?

-Speaking of Television, was anyone else an avid A Different World watcher? No? Just me? I’m the only one that noticed that the guy (Michael Ralph) that played the dread Spencer Boyer that finally got engaged to Kimberly Reese in the last season was actually on the show like 4 other times as different characters? He was Clinton in Ron’s band, he was the fire marshal that shut down Ron and Whitley’s party, he had like 2 other roles before he got an accent and a dread wig…I know I know, who cares?

-There’s a park in Atlanta called Inman park…INman park…Do with that what you want. I’m never going there.

-Your status message is too personal. Change it…and then change it again.

-New Year’s resolutions should have a national reminder day in April. I think that’s what April Fool’s day is actually. You fool, what was your resolution again?

-Some hater told me I was corny for being a rapper that was all into the Harry Potter flicks. He said I mentioned it in my blogs and vlogs and that wasn’t cool to be that deep into a fantastical wizard boy and his fight against horcruxes and Lord Voldemort. I told him that the Sorting Hat would definitely place him in the House of Slytherin for those snide comments. Who’s corny now?

-How come there aren’t more devil worshippers at house parties? They make really good conversation.

-I’ve never laughed at anyone that smelled funny.

-I hate that rappers turned swag into a person. “My swag’s better that your swag.” Now I just saw a commercial where athletes are saying, “My ready is bigger than your ready.” There’s no reason for my hatred but it exists. And I plan to personify it as well. “My hate’s on 1001…my hate is so hungry…my hate would beat up your hate.” Whatever. I’m still working on it.

Don’t think I’m not over here plotting on changing the world somehow. I want to thank everyone for visiting and commenting. This all started with you cracking a smile at my words and telling me to keep going, and in just 3 months of existence I have some ad company interest because of your views. I’ll let y’all know how that turns out. Thanks for copping my new CD, Unsung, and if you haven’t, go online and skim through it and grab a song or 2. No pressure. Thanks to all my fam that came to the release shindig as well.

Celebrate today by thinking about what more you can do, and if you find yourself focused on the obstacles in your path, think about the ones you got over from your past.

Unsung Vol 1: The Garden Of Eden
cop it here…

no spellcheck btw, forgive me

You made it this far, might as well leave a comment, it goes a long way…

11 Comments on “Monday Ramble #28 Martin Luther the King of Randumbness”

  1. Marcia Saucedo says:


  2. Carter B says:

    Spencer also played a Dr.

  3. Qur'ana says:

    very clever! i thoroughly enjoyed ur randumbness! i think you should push the april fools reminder. we should get a day off for it too. lmao

    was great seeing you at the album release!

  4. TOMBOi says:

    I noticed that light skin dude in various “Different World” characters too; thought it was just me.

    Yeah, whatever happened to Calvin from 227.

    By you NOT going to INNMAN park, are you homophobic? What is your fear? Why are rap fans and rap artists so concerned about homosexuality in rap music all of a sudden? I thought the DOWN LOW discussion ended many years ago.

    For the first time In my life I didn’t feel like celebrating MLKs birthday today. Not sure if it was because I was under the weather,but I just wasn’t feeling BLACK POWER today. Is it because I feel the HARD struggle is over now that we have a BLACK president? Am I taking MLK for GRANTED?

    As I thought about MLK I was also thinking “I wonder if the company who contacted him to be a sponsor is ALL STATE or STATE FARM.” Really not focused this year but by MLKs b;day next year I will dump the randomness and stay focus. I FEEL YA!

    • Sha Stimuli says:

      Julian from A different world was also Kip…Calvin is probably with Nicky from Fresh Prince and Richie from Family Matters getting money in a small town movin them thangs…no I’m not homophobic, i never understood that term, I have no fear of any humans other than toddlers, I was joking but the industry assaults rap and gay in the same convo, I love everyone tho…MLK day has spawned some deep thoughts. It’ll come. I might do March on Washington again

  5. Gabrielle says:

    So that’s why, I am in love with you… Taurus folk, unlike myself..Rock!!
    Midget mannequins Sha?? ROFLMAO!
    I thought that I was the only one that can give to tears in a bucket about etiquette when it comes to eating…
    I tried to figure out why that dude Michael annoyed me so, I thought that it had something to do with that annoying azz accent, now I know its because his face was alwayz around, like a dam shit fly..
    House of Syltherin.. LMAO!! Oh yess! I cannot wait for the next Harry Potter.. Lord Voldemort was hella wrong for going in Dumbledore’s grave.. btw I dont think he’s dead..

    I loved this ramble.. as I do all the others…

    • Sha Stimuli says:

      I am actually a Leo…Thank u soooo much for reading and leaving words…Ummm u do know the Potter movies are based on books so the story is kind of out already. Dumbledore is sort of dead but he comes back to say hi, hope I didnt ruin that for u,lol

  6. MATTIK says:

    i almost spit out my coffee reading this. thanks sha.

  7. Yonnie says:

    Didn’t notice that about Spencer from A Different World, but on The Cosby Show, Martin Kendall, Denise’s husband, definitely was on the show years earlier as Daryl, a dude trying to date Sandra when she and Alvin were broken up.

  8. Gabrielle says:

    I know about the books.. I choose not to read them… cuz I want to go to the movie.. *screw face* Thanks for the info… You did ruin it!!

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