So here’s the question: if money wasn’t an option, if you had all the doe you needed… pretend you hit the lottery or something…what would you wake up and do everyday? Considering you had to pick one thing, what would it be?

Most of us, would probably try different things until something stuck, but maybe you’ve explored enough options to know. Or maybe that question can help you identify your passion. Is it the occupation/job/career or whatever you’re doing now? Is it what you’re going to school for?

Did you always want to pursue some position, but people made it sound impossible? Do you think if you didn’t have these kids, you would be doing just what you love? But you love your kids so that thought is in the far corners of your mind.

Or maybe there’s no offspring at all and you’re chasing a dream that isn’t panning out just yet. Maybe you’re trying to make the dream a reality and bring in income at the same time.

Wouldn’t we all want to make money doing something we love? Or do some of just want to make enough to live comfy? You know…support a family without getting a headache when the bills are due, or having that nervy uncertainty about your future.

There’s nothing like the fear of death to make you think about what you’ve really done with your life. Ever go to a funeral and imagine it being yours? We are triggered to feel instantly remorseful when natural disasters claim lives, or when we witness tragedies, or when we lose famous individuals that have touched us with their talents.

Sometimes I think about what I’ve done with my existence compared to one whose life we celebrate with an actual holiday. As separate as we are as humanity, Americans found it in their hearts to agree that one man was enough of an example that his date of birth should be honored. When I really think about what Dr. King did in his lifetime, it’s almost depressing that I won’t get anywhere close to that. Sure Tupac made some revolutionary records, and Barack politicked his way into the half-White House, but Martin was going to jail, turning the other cheek, erasing color lines, changing people’s way of thinking, altering laws, risking his family’s safety and all because he believed that God created us all equal…and I rap.

Music was the answer to my original question years ago. Give me all the money in the world and I would still do music. Well that’s what I thought. But then I thought, what if no one liked it? What if I recorded it and performed it and got no love? Without the recognition would I still love it? And if I wanted love from it, does that mean I really wanted the fame?

What if some of us dream to simply have a family? Isn’t it rewarding to have a spouse and some kids, and fall for someone so deeply that it doesn’t matter what you do for a living? Some people don’t need to affect the globe or inspire humanity, some folks don’t strive to be millionaires or even financially free. Some of us want it all and desire the most but yet still we wake up happy to breathe another day. And it is in these breaths that life is…the dash on the headstone…the memories…the laughter…the people…the moments. You can have all the bread you can imagine, and in one split second, nature can take your spirit away from your flesh and those that remain are left to reflect on your days and nights here. You may not be a Martin Luther, or a singer, or an activist, but whatever your path is; however you define your success, it’s in you, and no impediment or recession can block what is yours.

You made it this far, might as well leave a comment, it makes a difference…


  1. Paul Thompson says:

    Reminds me of Office Space:

    “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”


    “Two chicks at the same time.”

  2. DaniTheBook says:

    I would to college and study everything that interests me, from medicine to religion, to animals. I would help people.

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