Sha Stimuli Breaks Down #TheRentTapeSeries [Video]

3 Comments on “Sha Stimuli Breaks Down #TheRentTapeSeries [Video]”

  1. Matt says:

    As expected, I’ve been loving The Calling and The Chills. Just beautiful, introspective music that’s so incredibly relatable, and among the few projects nowadays that gets so much rotation I learn the words. I don’t really pay for music any more, just because it doesn’t make sense – why pay for what you can get free, besides I have crazy student loan debt and expenses galore. But for $5 a month, I’d be an asshole to not support the most inspiring, underappreciated artist I’ve ever heard. Been rocking with you since Switch Sides in 05, keep up the superb work, your music is truly important to me.

  2. Cam says:

    I wish you would do more vlogs!…We actually do enjoy seeing your face sometimes outside of a picture or interview: )

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