Monday Ramble #61 – “The Real Reason Pacquiao Lost The Fight”

I figured it out ladies and gentlemen. It took me all weekend and I may be slow, and some of you may have already guessed the real reason Pacquiao lost so I admit I was late on this one. Let me say I’m not the biggest boxing fan. I don’t know why they score the rounds 10 to 9, when they could be scored 2 to 1 or just put “Win to Loss.” See, I’m an idiot. I was a fan back when Tyson was fighting and there were real heavyweights around.

Seeing what happened to Muhammad Ali made me less of a fan. And after people got knocked out in the early rounds against Tyson and we called it wack, then fights would go the distance and we got pissed, I think I needed soul-searching. There’s something about seeing two guys try to beat each other up, and then being disappointed that neither of them was hit with a devastating blow that would render them nearly unconscious that makes you look in the mirror and question your own views of entertainment.

We all love to watch a good fight. I tune in to Basketball Wives just in case some of those refined, mature ladies start swinging and throwing bottles. I used to peep Jerry Springer here and there as a kid, and the original Karate Kid was one of my favorites (Sweep the leg).

But this brings me back to what I witnessed Saturday night. I paid a few dollars to get into a bar and watch the Celtics lose to the most hated Heat and then see Manny Pacquiao pick apart Gary Payton’s illegitimate cousin, Timothy Bradley. I thought this Bradley guy being cut up would make some kind of difference but it really didn’t. Boxing is a sport of skill and power and dude just didn’t seem to be on Manny’s level.

The facts:

Pacquiao landed 253 punches on Bradley, with 190 of them being power punches.

Bradley landed 159 punches in total.

Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, was utterly shocked when the robbery was announced.  

“Can you believe that? Unbelievable.  I went over to Bradley before the decision and he said, ‘I tried hard but I couldn’t beat the guy.’  I’ve never been as ashamed of the sport of boxing as I am tonight.”  

Pacquiao responded with a short, simple, and confident answer when asked if he believed he had won the fight, “Absolutely, yes.”

Bradley on the other hand, said a few suspect comments during his post fight interview.  ”I thought I won the fight.  I didn’t think he was as good as everyone says he was. I didn’t feel his power,” but then shortly afterward made this contradictory statement, “He hurt me a couple of times with his left.  He’s a beast.”

I didn’t watch the post fight interviews, I don’t know if Larry Merchant embarrassed anyone, I’m not sure if Floyd Mayweather made a statement, but I am sure of one thing…gay people rule the world.

This is not homosexual hate or anything. I am just acknowledging the same way Manny should that there are powers that be. And right when you think you are in control, they will come in and snatch your life away. I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, especially if I speak on our beloved president somewhat changing his stance on gay marriage and then getting support from folks I won’t mention. I don’t want it to seem like he was pressured by anyone and I don’t want that word “pressure” to sound like an intended pun.

Look, what people do behind closed doors is their business, but we all know the world that is being shown to us is changing. Secrets that used to be secrets are being revealed. The boxing world may seem like some macho sport, but pugilism can be controlled just like a bank account. And Mr. Pacquiao said that homosexuals should be sentenced to death. Then he quoted the bible. I thought more backlash would come out of that because people flipped when Kobe called someone a faggot…and there are commercials now telling kids not to use “gay” in a derogatory manner…and there’s a whole Youtube movement telling the youth that, “it gets better.”
What does that mean? It gets better as you get older? Or gayer?
I don’t know man. But like I said, no hate here. I may not understand the lifestyle but I’ll be damned if someone takes my belt away for making some comments slandering a group of people. I need my belt; I need all of my belts. My pants would fall without them. And you do not want to go to war with man-lovers with your pants falling down.

Some of you already put this together; others are doubtful and believe I’ve lost it or went too extreme. All of you are right. I’m no authority on boxing or humans and the truth will never come out…of the closet.

Unless one of the judges happens to be gay and tells everyone why it went down the way it did. Until then, be careful with your hatred. And quoting the bible is cool at house parties and on Facebook but be aware that it is a really, really, really old book. I mean it’s ancient, I change stories I told three weeks ago, so just imagine how watered down or altered the tales about Jonah and the Whale and the Tower of Babel are. I didn’t mean tales, but you know what I’m saying. It could have been a medium sized fish and a small condo that got exaggerated…I think I’m off topic. By now you get the point though. Everyone has to answer to someone. Every boss has a boss.
And that boss could be gay.

3 Comments on “Monday Ramble #61 – “The Real Reason Pacquiao Lost The Fight””

  1. Carlos says:

    You’re weird man. But that is neither here nor there.

    That crap was so staged I thought Triple H was going to jump in. They are trying to turn this guy into a star (heel) in order to save boxing since Pac is out of opponents (Floyd aint fighting him). The rematch was being scheduled and promoted before this fight even took place. Now they are guaranteed to have 2 more fights to sell on PPV. They are basically admitting that and laughing in our faces because they know people are going to pay to see it anyway. We really are that stupid. I say we boycott the machine. I for one will not watch the November rematch or any other non-Floyd boxing match again. UFC for me.

  2. dagabster says:

    Yesss, you are weird… but did i tell you that I really really, reeeeaaaaally like weird?

    I know/knew nothing about the boxing match, outside of two men trying to kill each other in a ring, and Muhammad had his brain knocked around too much… i appreciate the insight though… I will keep that in mind when one of my friends invite me to go watch the next fight…

  3. omar says:

    im not sure if i missing the main point here… but that final paragraph especially the comment about the bible being really really really old is hilarious. even if the stories in the bible were once true the translation from languages to languages to its present day alone would render it… inconsistent. but i dont see why its so crazy to believe that the fight might have been predetermined, if a man can live in a medium size fish, i mean whale, for however many days it was then hell anythings possible.

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