Monday Ramble #64 The Reason For The Savior

Monday Ramble #64 The Reason For The Savior

The Savior
“I started writing this EP, the eighth installment in The Rent Tape Series with the feeling that I could be some sort of savior of the rap game. I listen to the radio and I hear the music that is popular and I get the feeling that there’s nothing that is thought-provoking, honest or soul-nurturing and although I can’t change the whole game, I wanted to spark a revolution.

I don’t know what that revolution would be but I imagined what Tupac would do today musically to co-exist with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne in the mainstream and started to compose an EP. Then all of a sudden I realized that I myself needed saving as I noticed my focus was on things and people I cannot control. So some songs regard myself as a savior, others admit my own need for salvage, and finally I learn acceptance and I receive what is. As confusing as that may sound, that is…The Savior.”
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Video: The New Me Interview…Sherod Khaalis

Ramble #63 The New Me: Sherod Khaalis

July 31st is the date I am writing this and it also the day that I plan to release the seventh installment of The Rent Tape Series entitled The New Me: Sherod Khaalis. I say “plan” because I ran into my first real issue with the series concerning a beat I used that has now become unavailable. So I do hope I can get that resolved urgently and get the music out. I think you will be able to pre-order it sooner than later on

A couple of people asked me about the title of the EP, and by a couple I literally mean two humans. And I think one of them was my mother. Anyway last month I dropped The Old Me: How I Met Your Baby Mother Read the rest of this entry »

Monday Ramble #61 – “The Real Reason Pacquiao Lost The Fight”

I figured it out ladies and gentlemen. It took me all weekend and I may be slow, and some of you may have already guessed the real reason Pacquiao lost so I admit I was late on this one. Let me say I’m not the biggest boxing fan. I don’t know why they score the rounds 10 to 9, when they could be scored 2 to 1 or just put “Win to Loss.” See, I’m an idiot. I was a fan back when Tyson was fighting and there were real heavyweights around.

Seeing what happened to Muhammad Ali made me less of a fan. And after people got knocked out in the early rounds against Tyson and we called it wack, then fights would go the distance and we got pissed, I think I needed soul-searching. There’s something about seeing two guys try to beat each other up, and then being disappointed that neither of them was hit with a devastating blow that would render them nearly unconscious that makes you look in the mirror and question your own views of entertainment.

We all love to watch a good fight. I tune in to Basketball Wives just in case some of those refined, mature ladies start swinging and throwing bottles. I used to peep Jerry Springer here and there as a kid, and the original Karate Kid was one of my favorites (Sweep the leg). Read the rest of this entry »