Dear Allergies and pollen demons,

I am rebuking your presence. We had a long run since I was 4, but somehow I almost thwarted you last year and I will desperately try again. Peace.

Oh and whoever is controlling the weather machine…you had enough laughs yet? I’m not getting the whole practical joke, intertwining seasons, earthquake thing you guys are going for but enough is enough. I’m sure it’s the government and it has to do with money but I don’t have to like it.

And since we’re on the conspiracy money theory, I was trying to figure out what a bunny rabbit has to do with the resurrection of Christ last week looking at Easter commercials…all I found was some Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility named Eastre whose earthly symbol is a rabbit but other than that no correlation. I guess the Easter bunny has as much relation to the rebirth of Christ as Santa Claus does to his 1st birth; I think Saint Nick may have more of a case though. And rabbits don’t even lay colorful eggs so yes we’re all brainwashed by the same people that made up Daylight Savings time.

Of course there’s some symbolism and I get the Lent process and giving up something to have a piece of you die so you can be reborn in some way. Makes me think about how holy days are meant to be spiritual in their origin, but they end up getting so commercialized.

Enough of this depth…I had these questions when I was a kid but I never asked them because I knew people would lie, not know the answer or tell me to go look it up.  Back then it was encyclopedias, now it’s google.
The other day I googled the word “google” like I thought some secret world would open itself up to me but it led me right where I started. Which reminds me of the convo I had with someone the other day where I told them that time could not be wasted…they didn’t agree and now I’m thinking maybe that talk might’ve been a waste of time.

I think there are some activities that might fall under the time-wasting umbrella…like “sightseeing.” What is that? You go to a new place and see sights, just writing it I feel like I may have killed moments of my life. How come no one goes sound-hearing…or thing-touching? I’d like to go to a new place with a blindfold and explore with my other senses…or maybe not.

I get asked sometimes if I would ever battle and people say that I could or should or whatever. But maybe some of you haven’t been to a Smack, Grindtime or Fight Klub battle over the years. It’s quite disrespectful and very personal nowadays. People prepare for weeks with rhymes and antics to gain crowd reactions and the more truth and jugular targeted insults, the better. Babymama’s real names get called out, children get massacred, lil sisters sodomized, grandmama’s ashes get the Lebron James pre-game ritual treatment. It’s truly entertaining. To be honest, I would never say never but I don’t have that type of hostility in my heart anymore and I have pics of me with Dwayne Wayne glasses on Facebook…just too much existing ammo…I could probably battle myself and get some oohs and ahhs.

I don’t need someone dissing my Moms or saying something authentic about some girl I know because I would stop the battle and ask him “Was that truly necessary and who told you that story because I only told a few folks and now I forgot my rap…you really wanted to win huh? Bastard!”

For now I’ll keep battling bill collectors with bars about hitting them with the semi and AK and whatever cool guns I can find on google that rhyme with credit and bureau.

You made it this far, might as well leave a comment, it makes a difference…


  1. JnVe says:

    LMOL ; )

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