Have you ever engaged in a face-to-face conversation with someone and they accidentally landed saliva on your face? And they looked like they know it happened but they’re too embarrassed to say anything…and you don’t want to wipe it away just yet because that would embarrass both of you…so you kind of wait for their eyes to look somewhere else and then you get it off…then you try to say a lot of words with “p” and “t” to return the favor but it doesn’t work…

Maybe that’s just me.
I’m not a nice guy at all, but I was reading this Malcolm Gladwell book that really stressed the theory that we are all never one way.  Meaning the nicest person in the world can be a prick at any given moment, the safest guy you know can throw caution to the wind in the right circumstance and, you get the idea.

I don’t think authors are smarter than me but I think the word “author” has something to do with “authority” and that maybe the only reason I’m writing books is so people can say I’m an authority figure on some topic I pretended I knew a lot about…either way, I think that author was pretty on point.

You ever had a server mess up your order but you still left a decent tip?
How bout handing an unfriendly cashier a 20 and getting back the 20 as part of your change…and you point out the mistake and return the bread?
Not you?

Ok, what about the passing beggar that doesn’t have any talent and has on some name brand gear but truly looks as though hard times has fell upon them? Normally, you look the other way but something inside you says this human may need your help, or it might be an Angel testing people out disguised as a beggar…or a demon doing the same but whatever the case you decide to give knowing your contribution could go right to the bottle.

I can say I’ve done all that and the exact opposite at different times.
Sure some folks are neat freaks or compulsively considerate or habitually late but for most of us, we think we know who we are and what we “always” do and we throw it in as part of our characteristics…but those things change, and that is probably the only constant that we are bound to endure…change.

Speaking of change, I went to a bachelor party the other day and as this stripper danced on me and I realized I didn’t have any…change that is, I thought about her motivation. Sure, she may have thought I wasn’t the ugliest guy in the room, but her nudity, her moves, her feigned passion was all about paying her bills. I didn’t want her to like me or anything but I felt like a pawn in her little game.

It just reminded me of a Bud Light commercial as they all marveled at these women flipping and spreading as if they had never seen it before and threw out grocery money like mindless fools.
So after I got some change and joined the fools, I see why they say certain parts of the female anatomy make the world go round
And this ladies and gentlemen brings me to my final thought brought on by a short story that I will label fiction for squeamish readers:

I’m in a car with two of my boys in Atlanta. I’m in the backseat, Cephus is driving and he owns a shiny, luxury vehicle. Some women pull up on the driver’s side. Cephus spills some cool guy banter, they bite and say they’re not doing anything later, and hand him a CD. I instantly think they’re rappers so I say pop it in. He notices a phone number on it and lipstick, I try to play it and realize it’s not a CD but it’s a DVD.

Fast forward story, DVD in car, we watch screen, fast forward DVD, girl from car, is now girl on screen, now girl unclothed, now girl with man on top of her, ok DVD out, phone number called, whatever, whatever, story gets fuzzy but the ending was PG I promise.

We did get to speak to the young actress in person and during our interview we found out that a photo shoot she was paid to do turned into an impromptu porno because some more money was offered. We don’t know how much but that turned into a DVD of her 1st time, ahem…on camera that she’s selling.

My point is, is the motivation of money enough to make someone put him or herself on camera like that or is that a part of who you are already?

Does it make her a whore? Is she just money driven? How many of us can separate sex and love? How much would you charge to get on camera and handle your business? What if it was enough to change your financial situation? What if it was just sex and no filming? Is there a price at all that can make you go that far?

Most of us say that there isn’t a number because we have too much to lose: jobs, family, dignity…for the rest…you just saw a magic number pop in your head, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. But think for a second about who you are as opposed to the situations you’re in, some of us are still learning ourselves and it’s not the worst thing in the world.

You made it this far, might as well leave a comment, it makes a difference…


  1. Yung Berg says:

    very insightful

  2. You’re so awesome! I don’t think I’ve read through anything
    like this before. So good to discover someone with a few original thoughts on this issue.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This web
    site is one thing that is required on the web, someone with
    some originality!

  3. Dylan says:

    some people don’t have a number these days. now i guess your right about saying its not the worst thing in the world if you’re still learning about yourself.

  4. Thank you for shaaring

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