It happened again! All this talk about Valentine’s Day and a few Presidents’ Day commercials and it reminds me of the plan to undermine Black History Month. Valentine’s Day went platinum a long time ago but Black History Month has always had a short-lived run. And if I were a revolutionary activist I would go on and on about this and I would have good points too.

And you would say, “Oh man, that Stimuli guy be knowing stuff and he’s all into Black awareness and he made sense about the plan to destroy the African-American” but I don’t really have much more to say so…maybe someone else could take over and just tag me in your convo. Even if it’s like a convo on the street, just throw my name in it. Thanks.

I think one of the most racist terms I’ve ever heard is “reverse racism.”
How can you reverse racism? Racism is racism. There’s no reversing it, that’s like saying that racism began with Whites hating Blacks and that is the standard by which the word shall live up to. Anything else is just a remix, an imitation, a reverse. If you hate Latinos or Asians or Caucasians then that’s not real racism? That’s you fighting the original intent of the direction of the hate, you’re breaking the code of the ancestors before us that slaved and enslaved, discriminated and got segregated, the Whites that lynched Coloreds and the Blacks that had to suffer so that we could have this word.

Reverse racism offends me more than regular racism but what do I know? I’m over here working on reverse poverty.

I did a song called “Bucket List” where I talked about different goals I want to achieve before I kick the bucket and one thing I forgot to mention was my desire to have something I’ve never seen any athlete or entertainer have inside their home. Come to think about it…I’ve never seen one in any home and I’m sure they’re out there but one of these days, before I go, people will visit my home, use my bathroom, wash their hands, look for a towel and see an automatic hand dryer…just like the restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, all the public bathrooms.

I light up like a kid in a candy store when I see one and I am always amazed that no matter how soaked my hands are, in a matter of minutes they are totally dry. And when it’s an automatic one with no time limit, oh man am I excited? So while you got your marble floors and fancy HD plasma screen thingamajiggies, I’m going to steal the show with my automatic hand dryer that the whole hood will be talking about.

Sometimes I think about what I should write and other times I write what I think about, I’ve been trying more and more to get out of my head.

So I’ve been reading this book, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and it breaks down how the ego is responsible for most of the insanity that we as humans go through. We feed into our ego’s requests for attention all the time, we complain about other people to make ourselves feel better and we search for drama in our every day lives. You would expect me to take this enlightening info and attempt to evolve…nope!

I’m taking this knowledge and making excuses for myself. I’ve been blaming my ego for everything for the past two weeks. I talk bad about someone and I say, “this isn’t me saying this, it’s my ego.” “Yo my ego thinks that song sucks…and that dude smells funny…and why aren’t my songs on the radio?” Pardon me, that wasn’t me, my ego is on a mission y’all. He’s uncontrollable, matter of fact, he was on Twitter the other day saying some crazy stuff; I wouldn’t pay him any attention.

Someone asked me if I dug Drake’s Sprite commercial and I said I love it but my ego despises it, he even thinks I should have a commercial, what a jerk, I know. Oh he also thought the movie Notorious featured some of the worst casting and acting he’d seen in years but I told him not to talk about it because he waited too long to see it. Unfortunately the ego is not a split personality that you can blame infidelity or murder on but if you do and you get away with it, give me the credit and not that Eckhart guy, he’s rich already, I need the hand dryer…you know that would be soooo cool.

You made it this far, might as well leave a comment, it makes a difference…

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