Ramble #68 Colored TV

The other day I was watching a rerun of Family Matters, and at the same time I was flipping the channel to check out The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

There’s something disturbing about seeing Jaleel White in suspenders and thick glasses in HD but the episode itself was the typical simple plot with Steve professing his love for Laura publicly, and it kind of sickened me yet I was entertained. I went back and forth to the young Will Smith at a pre-marital counseling session with Lisa, (Nia Long) the girl he never married and I flashed back to the days when these were primetime TV programs.

I remember being a young kid and catching Good Times, What’s Happening?, The Jeffersons and one or two other shows that had brown people in syndication, but on the weeknights and weekends there were actual shows that featured African-Americans or whatever you want to call them. I don’t mind the term “black,” although I don’t know if it should be capitalized or not. I mean I know; I just don’t always feel like it.

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Ramble #67 Your Call Has Been Forwarded…

 “You sent me to voicemail?”

No I didn’t actually send you to voicemail. You were already headed to the
land of voicemail. As a matter of fact, all I did was help speed up
the process a tad bit. But the real question is, why is this an issue
that we must discuss?


When I call someone and I receive the obnoxious
notification that my call hasn’t just been missed but it has been
purposefully turned down, I don’t feel bad at all. In fact, I feel
acknowledged. It is one thing to miss a call, but it’s another thing
to have your call rejected. I always assume someone is driving,
eating, they’re already on the phone, or my most frequent reaction to
the voicemail sending is, “Who cares what they are doing? It is none of
my business.”
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The Solution

With so many headlines surrounding the Trayvon Martin verdict, it reminded me how much we feel compelled to use social media to express our thoughts about popular topics. When the shooting first took place it was difficult for me to post a status, write a blog, or pen a song that would provoke thought without sharing too much of my opinion.

I do not have all the facts in this case. I did not follow it as closely as some people did. I do understand the racial significance, but outside of Trayvon’s ethnicity I hate to think of a young man having his life taken for no reason while Chief Keef is still running around spreading ignorance. Just kidding young Keef.

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Ramble #66 “Up-And-Coming”

It finally happened. I wasn’t sure when it would go down, but I’m actually writing words down again. Well I am truthfully typing them into a phone and a computer but you know what I mean. I wasn’t writing blogs or music this year until now.

I think I had to take a step back from it all because I almost forgot my mission. For the last few years I had been caught up in staying relevant, showing consistency, and ultimately I became a victim of doing something so long that I needed to see some grand result for the years of effort, and for the naysayers. I don’t know what a naysayer is but I’m guessing it’s someone that says nay quite a bit.
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Monday Ramble #65 “Trick Or Treat”

Monday Ramble #65 “Trick Or Treat”

My first rap performance ever was on Halloween when I was around six or seven years old and I did the “Trick-or-Treat, smell my feet” song at a few neighbor’s doorsteps.

Well maybe that wasn’t a real performance and I didn’t write it myself so I guess we can negate that…but I’ve been thinking about the act of going door-to-door requesting candy from strangers lately and I’m wondering why it has to be tied to Halloween and children.

I think if someone comes to your door in an interesting costume and has a bag, you should give them something no matter the age, date or time of year.

Unless I’m the one answering the door then the rules change.

I know I trick-or-treated (begged) a few times in my life, but I can’t remember what costume I wore. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any of my Halloween costumes as a kid.
But I do know that I never got a trick as opposed to a treat. I got a “no candy,” “sorry, all out,” and even some wack ass fruits, raisins or apple sauce, but I think the whole “trick” part of trick-or-treat is gone.

If I had kids, I don’t think I would let them go around the hood asking for stuff on Halloween because I just feel like someone would drop an E pill in a Skittles bag or place jolly ranchers in vodka and my child would make the news.  And even though these may be demented thoughts that you don’t have or you may think I’m paranoid, you’re allowed to have your opinions.
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Sha Stimuli Announces The New EP In The Rent Tape Series

Monday Ramble #64 The Reason For The Savior

Monday Ramble #64 The Reason For The Savior

The Savior
“I started writing this EP, the eighth installment in The Rent Tape Series with the feeling that I could be some sort of savior of the rap game. I listen to the radio and I hear the music that is popular and I get the feeling that there’s nothing that is thought-provoking, honest or soul-nurturing and although I can’t change the whole game, I wanted to spark a revolution.

I don’t know what that revolution would be but I imagined what Tupac would do today musically to co-exist with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne in the mainstream and started to compose an EP. Then all of a sudden I realized that I myself needed saving as I noticed my focus was on things and people I cannot control. So some songs regard myself as a savior, others admit my own need for salvage, and finally I learn acceptance and I receive what is. As confusing as that may sound, that is…The Savior.”
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Video: The New Me Interview…Sherod Khaalis

Ramble #63 The New Me: Sherod Khaalis

July 31st is the date I am writing this and it also the day that I plan to release the seventh installment of The Rent Tape Series entitled The New Me: Sherod Khaalis. I say “plan” because I ran into my first real issue with the series concerning a beat I used that has now become unavailable. So I do hope I can get that resolved urgently and get the music out. I think you will be able to pre-order it sooner than later on Shastimuli.com.

A couple of people asked me about the title of the EP, and by a couple I literally mean two humans. And I think one of them was my mother. Anyway last month I dropped The Old Me: How I Met Your Baby Mother Read the rest of this entry »

Monday Ramble #62: 8 Reasons You Should & Shouldn’t Listen To Frank Ocean

Monday ramble #62: 8 Reasons Why You Should And Shouldn’t Listen To Frank Ocean


For those of you that don’t know or care, I am a fan of Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is an R&B singer down with Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and he is currently signed to Def Jam with an album dropping on July 17th entitled Channel Orange. He recently revealed the fact that he is indeed bisexual or gay or whatever. Some of you are wondering what this means, how will this affect his sales, the urban music world, and the youth of today. Well I don’t have the answer. But I do have some reasons why you should keep listening to the dude. And I threw in some reasons why you shouldn’t. Read on.

1. Publicity Stunt?
How many times have we heard about artists and celebrities coming up with schemes and plans to get notoriety right before album releases? Fifty beefed with Kanye, Jay-Z stabbed Un, R. Kelly urinated on…well maybe that one wasn’t planned but you know what I mean. Read the rest of this entry »