To Date Or Not To Date (Ten Reasons He’s Not Dating You)



A woman told me a story about a man she met who constantly bugged her to go out after they met at a house gathering. Instead of saying yes to a date she responded to a “What you doing?” with, “I’m eating out at a lounge by myself, why don’t you join me?”

When the guy joined her, she was already eating and she had an alcoholic beverage or two. The man sat, ordered an appetizer, two drinks and they had what some may classify as a date. However, when the bill came, the server handed the young lady the bill because that is who he assumed was paying. The man who had been requesting her presence for some weeks since they initially met did not reach for the bill, nor did he offer to pay for what he ordered. He didn’t even ask if his food and drink was on her bill. He simply said, “I got you next time,” and believed he had a good time. The man got his number deleted that evening and it might make sense to most women that he should have definitely paid the bill regardless of who it got handed to.

Do I agree with that? In the words of Louis C.K, “of course…
but maaaaybe”…the guy was applying the bare minimum rule. And that rule states that thou whilst do the least that thou can in order to obtain the wealth that is the woman’s vagina.

That minimum may or may not include an outing…and if there is an outing it will not be far…if it is close enough he will not be the unanimous benefactor for the meal or date…and he might even suggest that the Dutch method come into play.
He may want to meet at her home…and he may ask her if she wants him to bring something…and she may ask for a drink…and he may bring an open bottle or some cheap wine…or he may say he forgot.
He could have feelings for her, but he could be a habitual, effortless, thoughtless dater that suffers from allowing women to choose to be with him on their own accord and therefore he does not give 50% or 75%, he waits for at least 86% to be thrown his way and then he finds ways to weasel around exerting less than 10% which rules out spending money, time, or anything remotely close to a commitment because that’s how he rolls when he barely likes someone.

This is not a testament to how hot she is, but it is about what she will accept. And right now as you roll your eyes reading this, just know that there are athletes, rappers, CEOs, famous DJs, Stevie Js, and even your local fast food workers that think like this. Just because a man pulls up in an expensive automobile, or he can afford bottles at the club, does not mean he will not hit you with the bare minimum rule. In fact, the more money they have, the more likely they are to show how much of a prick they are.

An artist will say, “come to my show,” a producer will gladly ask you to stop by the studio. A ball player will invite you to his game.
Any chance for a man to shine in his element is perfect and applicable to this rule. Although most of them don’t acknowledge what they’re doing, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And it’s really that simple ladies. You don’t need to sit there wondering why he isn’t calling, or why he doesn’t want to see you, or spend the night, or plan a date, or meet your kids, or tell you his real name, or anything like that. He may not be into you, but he wouldn’t mind being into you and he may not know how amazing you are.

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