To Date Or Not To Date (Ten Reasons He’s Not Dating You)



Money is the root of all evil I heard. I don’t know about that but I
do know that when men don’t have a surplus of it, they tend to feel
inadequate. I’ve been there. I’ve conversed with a bunch of dudes that tell me that if they aren’t in a strong place financially, it limits their options. So they may suggest lunch instead of dinner, or drinks instead of a play, or meeting at a sports bar so that the bill has a cap. A real restaurant can include drinks, appetizers, entrees, desserts, a tip, and if you add a movie or an activity along with gas and maybe parking, a man is facing a high-priced evening with someone that might not be worth it…to him.

For her, the risk is low but the reward can be high. Women don’t touch their purses on dates, and if they do reach for the bill, he is supposed to stop her. That makes sense to me. But if the dude you met brings up his lack of employment, career switching, child support, job search, apartment hunting, recent divorce, student loan, tuition, or just plain old life, you might want to pay attention to that before you put him on the witness stand. It doesn’t mean cut him
off, and it doesn’t mean accept a trip to Applebee’s so he can catch
the 2-for-20 special. It means let him off the hook and meet at an
inexpensive spot until he figures out you’re worth the money.

Or you could ignore me and listen to your ego and set the standards for your mate to have his life together before stepping to you. Those “What’s up sexy?” text messages will continue to flow followed by, “Where are you gonna be this wknd?” but it doesn’t matter because you can smell the scent of poverty or fake baller a mile away.

I had a conversation with a woman who said she orders a bottle of Dom Perignion on the first date with a man just to see if the man will flinch or if he will pay for it because that’s what she likes. Right from there she knows whether or not the guy will match her expensive tastes. Needless to say…she’s still single.

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