To Date Or Not To Date (Ten Reasons He’s Not Dating You)



People lie. Men will say they are single when they’re married or in a
relationship. They will say they’re divorced when they are separated.
And some will be living with someone and deny that person until they get what they want. And what do they want? Well if he has someone, or he is really interested in someone else he’s dating, there’s not a lot of room in his heart. And if he is feeling another human, then he should let you know in the kindest of ways so all is clear. That isn’t an easy convo to spark, “Hey I’ve been off and on with this girl I really love for five years but I think you and I should have a fleeting sexual relationship until I’m ready to marry her…what do you think?”

Anyway, this is a subconscious thing for the most part because if you
guys exchanged info then he’s feeling you. But he may not want to go
out with you and get spotted or have you take a pic and post it
somewhere. Dating is as dating does, and he has a right to move around and hang with others. But once again, if he digs someone for real, that may cause him to slow down when it comes to someone new.

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