To Date Or Not To Date (Ten Reasons He’s Not Dating You)



This is the toughest idea for women to comprehend. A man meets you and
instantly places you in a category. He either sees you as potential
wife material, or he is strictly physically attracted to you and wants to jump on you, or he views you as a friend because you are not his cup of tea. The ideas intertwine but there are times when he rules out the wifey concept. That means, he sees you, he likes you, but he is not sold on you being the one for him.

When that happens, the reason is miniscule. It could be the kids, it
might be your sultry pics on IG, might be that you slept with his
friend years ago, might be your race, your religion, your abstinence,
your size, your weave, your natural hair, your finances, your implants, or you simply don’t physically fit what he wants in his woman. If any of these apply, you will never know which one has caused him to fall back.

A friend of mine did let a woman he was very interested in know that her hygiene was an issue. I’ve heard from a dude who told a woman her cigarettes and weed addictions were intolerable. And my basketball court conversations hipped me to the physically fit guy that let a lady he loved go because she refused to tighten up her mid-section. We all have priorities and we all make choices according to what we like. If a man rules you out as a wife, he may still want to hang and get to know you slowly…or he may still want to see you naked and see how that works out. But once he’s made the decision that you’re not it, it may be difficult to reverse his mind. But sometimes your greatness shines and just like that, he’s open.

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