To Date Or Not To Date (Ten Reasons He’s Not Dating You)



It started with Black Planet, then Myspace. And it went on to Facebook and Twitter, and now a new relationship weighs as much as an Instagram. Why would a man ask you how many kids you have, where you grew up, your likes and dislikes, your shoe size, whether you can cook or not, or your sign when he can find it all by asking the magic question: “Are you on Facebook?”
One 12-minute visit to someone’s Facebook page and you can skip three
dates. He can read a few statuses, search for mutual friends, find
out your birthday, check out the grammar skills, and last but not least,
view pictures.

Ahhh yes…the pictures. Instagram couldn’t have come at a better time in life.
Men want to see it all. Damn reading about you or knowing what you
think. We want to see your physique in a bikini on vacation. How hot
are your friends? What do you wear when you go out? Do you go out? Are
there some extra pounds that were hidden when we met? Do you have
kids? When was your last relationship? Are you crazy? Ladies, if he’s on your social network then he’s answered 47% of the questions he would have
asked on the first few calls. If you throw in Tinder and all the other dating apps that make one night stands and smash partners easy to come by, old school dating is difficult.

If you’re not on Facebook or anything like that, then skip this one. But be aware of the disappointment in his voice when you tell him you’re not on any social network. And if he isn’t on one and you are, don’t think that he won’t go on your page at his boy’s crib or that he doesn’t have a blank page he uses to check up on people. Either way, this is why you may not be getting the usual call right away.

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