To Date Or Not To Date (Ten Reasons He’s Not Dating You)



Texting is easy. It’s unfair because you can literally carry on a conversation without hearing someone’s voice. A man can physically be sitting next to a woman and text another one to set up a time to see her, to flirt or to simply keep in touch. Not that a woman can’t do the same thing, but texting makes certain aspects of the dating world almost too simple.

It’s a new game with new rules. Convos can be misconstrued when communication lacks vocal inflection, tone, and personality. But if you think about how long men have needed a way to ask and answer questions minus uncomfortable silences, texting is a blessing.
The day I got a 2-way pager it altered my existence. So when phones made 2-ways obsolete and they became mini-computers, relationships advanced and regressed in one breath. A man that is mildly intrigued will text to see if you’re busy, then he may call when you give him a time. A man that is less enthralled than that might just start up a conversation via text that he hopes turns into flirting by the end of the messages.

It can be a “hey,” or a “hi sexy” or a, “how have u been?” And after ice-breaking interrogations, a male tries to find a commonality that will make her feel comfy with him.

How is texting a detriment to the dating world? It provides a veil that protects the sender and allows time for responses. The use of “lol” can take the air out of the most inappropriate text message. You can’t reply to a woman’s claim to being sore with a massage offer over the phone and say, “just kidding.”
You can but it doesn’t have the same effect. A phone call is made with a purpose. If you ask someone if they’re busy on the phone, it’s followed with a plan of action. Through text message, it can be followed with nothing or a, “just saying hey.”  And these are not malicious intentions but they may be deemed as wasting time if this sort of communication came across any other way than via text.

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